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Our team combines strong business development with outstanding technical expertise.

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John Chamberlain John Chamberlin, President
Mr. Chamberlin previously has served as Chairman and Founder of an international financial transaction software company, as well as found of IKobo, an international funds transfer company. While much of his business experience has been in the financial sector, he has successfully grown two start-up companies into large international firms, and his strong strategic vision and business development experience is of significant value to BioDetection Instruments. Mr. Chamberlin also serves on the investment committee of the Fund for Arkansas' Future, an Arkansas based seed capital fund, and is an investor in multiple technology companies including BioDetection Instruments.

Xaoli Su Dr. Xiaoli Su, Director of Research and Development
Dr. Su has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and has been actively engaged in biosensor and biochip development, automated flow analytical systems, assay development, and rapid detection of bacterial pathogens, viral pathogens, protein biomarkers and chemical residues for over 20 years. He has a broad background in medicine (pharmacy), and a proven track record in both academia and industry. He has published one book chapter and 51 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and he has four U.S. patents issued and pending. Dr. Su has been with BioDetection Instruments since its inception, and he has served as Principal Investigator on 13 research projects supported by NIH and NSF.

Board of Directors

In addition to John Chamberlin the BioDetection Instruments Board comprises:

Yanbin Li Dr. Yanbin Li
Dr. Li is a co-founder of BioDetection Instruments. He is one of the leading experts in biosensors for rapid detection of foodborne pathogens. He has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from Penn State, and is a Professor and Tyson Endowed Chair in Biosensing Engineering at the University of Arkansas. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Karen Halbert Karen Sharp Halbert
Ms. Halbert is an attorney with the law firm Quattlebaum, Grooms, Tull & Burrow PLC. She has expertise in complex business litigation and intellectual property matters that have an emphasis on technology. As former V.P. Development for an internationl software company, Ms. Halbert brings a valuable mix of legal and business development perspectives to the company.

Calvin Goforth Dr. Calvin Goforth
Dr. Goforth has extensive experience in start-up company development including intellectual property assessment, building strong development teams, raising private and government funding and bring products to market. Early in his career he held positions at NASA and Rocketdyne, served as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, and founded Vector, Inc. (to build open-architecture PC-based controllers), which he later sold. He is Founder and President of VIC, a technology venture development firm supporting the growth of promising early-stage technology companies.