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Our goal is to improve the safety of the world's food and water supply before it reaches the consumer.

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BioDetection Instruments, Inc. was formed in 2003 to commercialize innovative, patent-pending technology licensed from the University of Arkansas for the rapid detection of pathogens in food products. The company has expanded on this initial patent and has ownership and exclusive license to a suite of patents related to the rapid detection of pathogens. BioDetection Instruments has in place a strong research and development team, excellent foundational technology, a growing market need for its products, and engaged commercial partners that provide complementary capabilities.

What We Do

Contamination of food products and water by microbial pathogens remains a major concern of our society. Contaminated food alone has been estimated to cause 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitilizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year. Contaminated water supplies add millions more to these numbers worldwide. The USDA Economic Research Service has estimated that the medical costs and productivity losses associated with five major pathogens amount to at least $6.9 billion annually. Publicity surrounding high-profile food poisoning incidents subjects both government agencies and industries to external pressures to identify and control potential hazards caused by microbial contaminations. However, current methods for detection of pathogens are inadequate due to the time-consuming and laboratory-centered approaches presently in use.

It is our mission to improve the safety of the world's food and water supply through the detection of pathogens and dangerous chemicals before it reaches the consumer. We are striving to become the recognized global leader in biosensor instruments for food and water safety testing by providing instruments that offer an unparalleled combination of rapid detection time, reliability, and ease of use.